TrueFlip in plain English!


The blockchain industry is growing at an amazing speed. You cannot miss the unbelievably rapid growth in the last year or so. Growth means new people join the field and are interested in investing, but lots of them are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. Heard about TrueFlip’s ICO and wanted to invest but wasn’t sure how? let me guide you through the basics of TrueFlip:

Okay, TrueFlip is a decentralized lottery platform. You probably know what a lottery is, but what’s decentralized? Basically, decentralized means no single person or entity controls the platform. TrueFlip’s “shares” are called tokens. A TrueFlip token is just a virtual share that represents your partial ownership of the project. Those tokens are distributed according to the amount you invest in the ICO (Initial coin offering) of TrueFlip.

TrueFlip’s “shares” are called tokens. A TrueFlip token is just a virtual share that represents your partial ownership of the project. Those tokens are distributed according to the amount you invest in the ICO (Initial coin offering) of TrueFlip.

How are the tokens distributed? here’s a diagram that details the distribution of the TrueFlip tokens:



The maximum amount of investments possible in the TrueFlip ICO is 6125 BTC, which is roughly 15 million dollars. If you decide to invest 1 bitcoin in the ICO (~2500$), you would own 1/6125 of the shares TrueFlip sells to investors. (More tokens will be issued to the team and used to pay advisors and escrow, as explained above).

You can find my previous article covering the reasons to invest in TrueFlip’s ICO here.

How will TrueFlip’s team use the money invested in the project? here’s a diagram that explains the usage of ICO funds:



Sounds good, how do I invest? Since TrueFlip is an Ethereum based token (which basically means you need an Ethereum wallet to store your token) you will need an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 tokens (the standard type of token on the Ethereum blockchain).

A good wallet that supports all kinds of tokens is MyEtherWallet. This wallet is client-sided, which means nobody but you has access to your funds. It also means that your tokens are unrecoverable if you lose your private key. (A private key is a “password” that should be kept private, obviously, and grants you the access to a specific wallet). When creating a MyEtherWallet wallet make sure to print and backup your private key in multiple places to make sure you don’t lose it.


After you have created your own wallet (you can find guides on how to create a MyEtherWallet account on YouTube) you can invest in the TrueFlip ICO. The investment can be made with Ethereum (you already have a wallet for it!) Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash at It doesn’t matter which currency you invest with, at the end you will receive the same amount of TrueFlip tokens into your Ethereum wallet.

If you invested in the ICO with Ethereum, you already received your TrueFlip tokens into the wallet you sent the Ether to TrueFlip’s smart contract from. (A smart contracts, in this case, is an Ethereum address that sends out the tokens to the investor automatically after it receives a certain amount of ether from him). If you invested with another cryptocurrency, you will need to paste your Ethereum address into your TrueFlip account (which is required for non-ether investments) in order to receive your tokens.

Invest in TrueFlip’s ICO here:! Hurry up, the investment bonus decreases with every 1000 BTC collected!

TrueFlip’s bitcointalk thread.

You can join TrueFlip’s official telegram chat here


TrueFlip’s crowdsale is live, but why should I participate?

TrueFlip’s token sale has just started.


After being live for a few hours, the sale’s success is revealed. 2.5 million tokens have been sold to 380 participants. (UPDATE: 2.7 million tokens sold to 549 participants by now). and those people have good reasons to invest in TrueFlip’s revolutionary lottery system. What are those reasons? let’s find out:

1) The platform is live. TrueFlip’s basic lottery platform is already developed. Other shady ICO’s ask the investors to invest in a product they don’t even know how to make yet. the case is different with TrueFlip, because the platform is already up and running, you can see for the platform for yourself and decide whether you like it or not. You don’t have to watch fancy graphics of a non-existent product and make your mind about the project by watching them. Experience the platform yourself, you’ll like it.

2) TrueFlip enters a huge market. The market for lotteries is huge. if TrueFlip manages to get just the people who are interested in the blockchain to switch from government-sponsored lotteries to TrueFlip’s lottery, they already have a large market segment. TrueFlip doesn’t even need to find mainstream people to join their platform at first, the crypto market is large enough to make it profitable until those people bring more people with them and the platform grows up.

3) TrueFlip is mainstream-ready. The right conditions exist in order to make TrueFlip a viable lottery choice for everyone. You don’t have to be a blockchain expert in order to browse to TrueFlip’s platform, load your account with money from your Visa or Mastercard credit card, and pick a lottery round to participate in. It’s actually simpler to join than real-world lotteries that require you to submit the ticket physically.

4) It’s fair. TrueFlip’s lottery system is fully decentralized and provably fair. That means that all the lottery draws are transparent and all the people who purchased a ticket can be viewed on a public blockchain. No tricks, no ridiculous profits for those who run the lottery. Everything can be verified and checked after the draw is complete. People already know that their local lotteries are money-making machines. TrueFlip can make them participate in the lottery again.

5) Investing in TrueFlip is profitable. 10-15 percent of every ticket sold on the TrueFlip platform will be distributed among tokens holders, 4 times a year. That means that just holding TFL tokens makes income. Additionally, TrueFlip tokens will go up in price because of demand, and because other people are interested in profiting from ticket sales. Not interested in holding your tokens anymore? just sell them at an exchange and make quick profit.

6) TrueFlip offers early-bird bonuses. Bonuses ranging from 30-5 percent are given to early investors in the platform. what that basically means is that other people’s entry price will be higher than you if they buy the tokens at a later date. That makes it unprofitable for those who bought in with 0% bonus to sell for their entry price, while you already made 30% profit by buying in with the largest bonus. Hurry up! the 20% bonus is still active at the time of writing this article.

7) Investors get to vote. TrueFlip’s investors can influence the development decisions by voting about the development of the platform. TrueFlip’s team will start developing what the investors are most interested in before other things. That allows the community to be involved in the evolution of the platform and its success.

Interested in investing? I hope I helped you make up your mind! visit TrueFlip’s ICO now to invest in the platform! Hurry up for the bonuses!

Still not convinced? watch a short video about TrueFlip’s platform:

TrueFlip plans to revolutionize the lottery!

null has a plan to revolutionize the way people play the lottery. Instead of the government running it, nobody would!

Think of the way people play the lottery today. you may think it’s a fair game, but it’s actually not. of course, if you look in depth you could calculate the odds of you winning the jackpot, they’re not hidden. but, traditional lotteries are money-making machines for governments. even in countries where gambling is illegal, the state-sponsored lottery is legal! and why is that? because they make astronomical amounts of cash out of people with low income that hope to win the lottery and change their lives forever.

But it usually doesn’t happen. might as well consider it impossible. why? because the odds are so slim it could be considered an anomaly when somebody actually wins. the tickets seem cheap, but they are actually way overpriced for the winning odds offered by them. the traditional lottery is the unlikeliest form of gambling to make you money.

TrueFlip plans to change that! they offer a trustless and decentralized lottery platform on the Ethereum blockchain. and it’s already half-done! unlike other ICOs, where the actual product is years away from launch, TrueFlip’s product is already under development. TrueFlip is up and running at this very moment, and it’s actually the first already working blockchain-based lottery.

All tickets sold, all the winners and all the holders of tokens will be publicly visible on the ETH blockchain. Nothing is hidden from anyone. Infact, TrueFlip’s own development team will have absolutely no control over the platform once they finish developing the platform and the decentralized web-hosting for it. They also plan to use multiple datacenters for hosting to make sure no single government has complete control over the TrueFlip lottery platform.

TrueFlip also plans to develop three more lottery games aside from the existing one. an instant lottery, which is probably similar to the games offered by centralized casinos, an hourly lottery with small prizes, and a premium lottery with large prizes. They also might develop more games in the future to provide more selection of games for customers.

By selling TFL tokens, the team plans to raise money for a BIG jackpot, as big as 3,062.5 BTC, which is 8,270,000 USD at current rates. The raised amount of money will be escrowed in coldwallets, with a three-key multi-signature key system, meaning that a holder of one of the private keys cannot access the funds on his own. the keys will be held by trusted members of the community (Richard Kastelein, George Basiladze and Nikita Parhomenko). Atleast two of the three private keys will be required to access the wallet. TrueFlip’s escrow will transfer the bitcoins manually to the winner of the jackpot, without the team’s involvement. 40% of the funds raised in the ICO will be used towards the large jackpot the team planned, and 60% will be transfered to the team for development purposes over time, according to the performance indicators set in the whitepaper (You can find the whitepaper HERE).

You probably ask yourself, why would I want to hold TrueFlip tokens? that’s pretty simple: 10-15% of all tokens sales in the platform will be disturbuted among tokens holders. Considering the potential growth of the platform, that could be a lot of money. holding the tokens over a long period of time could yield nice and stable incomes rates. Additionally, when the crowdfunding ends, TrueFlip will conduct a closed lottery draw where one cent for every dollar raised in the ICO will be distubuted between five lucky TrueFlip investors.

TrueFlip plans to allow ticket purchases using various payment methods, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, MasterCard and Visa. that allows the platform to directly compete with traditional, centralized lotteries. The team plans to dedicate a part of the funds raised in the ICO for a global marketing campaign, and 15-20% money earned from tickets purchased on the platform will go towards marketing. The large percentages of revenue for marketing will alow TrueFlip to go against government-sponsored lotteries.

Regardless of the ICO, you might want to register at because they offer a free ticket worth 0.001 BTC (2.7$) for new customers! just sign-up, verify your email and pick the lottery round to paricipate in!

TrueFlip’s ICO starts in June 28th, at 12:00 UTC, with a target amount of 6125 BTC (approximately 16,5 million dollars). You can participate with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Waves. if you are holding other cryptocurrencies you will need to exchange them into one of the four accepted crypocurrencies accepted by TrueFlip in order to participate. Check out the links below!

You can participate in the ICO here:

TrueFlip’s bitcointalk thread:

What’s wrong about the Ethbits project

Some of the active users on bitcointalk probably came across a project called ETHBITS.
This project raised 13,786 ETH, but I would take this figure with a grain of salt, because this figure came direcly from their website (

So, why did I decide to write about this project in particular? oh, that’s quite simple. they look shady, and they are possibly the same “team” who ran the Opair and scams.

For those who are not familiar with the and scams, they are simply fake ICOs that raised (apparently) large sums of bitcoin in their crowdfunding campaigns and just ran away when the campaign finished. I tried to tell people that all the information leads to the conclusion that Opair’s a scam, but very few people actually believed. they mostly just ignored me or called me a “professional troll”. When it came to Ebitz, it was the same case, only this time I managed to prove the connection between Opair and, who? you can see the evidence in my forum post right here, but basically, the person who configured their website used the same hosting server for both scams and had no clue about web hosting and DNS configuation.

Anyways, what led me to think all three projects are connected in the first place is just a feeling. that was exactly what happened with the previous two projects aswell. but looking further into their links I found some similarities about the way both are promoting their projects:

A yahoo article about Ebitz (a confirmed fraud)
A yahoo article about ETHBITS (a suspected fraud)

Both look very similar looking and just a quick look can make someone think there’s a connection here. by the way, who’s promoting a cryptocurrency on Yahoo?

The second suspicious thing about their project is the lack of evidence of any progress or even a whitepaper. they briefly explained their idea in the thread’s graphics and that’s it.
Additionally, I remember a forum user who said that Opair’s real founder’s first name was Pedro, he even found his last name. I should find his forum posts, he said he was from Portgual if I remember correctly. That was LONG before ETHBITS showed up. even before they continued the scamming spree with the their second scam. And guess what? In ETHBITS’s graphics, the founder’s name is Pedro. how suprising! (the user was possibly electronicash).

That makes me think that ETHBITS is not nessicarily a scam, because this time he used his real identity (or a fake one, that we all think is real). In that case all the tokens people invested money for might still be worth something. It’s way below ICO price, even at this moment, with a total market cap of about 1,7M$ with absolutely no volume (2.32$/token). The market cap at ICO price would have been around 5,2M$. I would guess the scammer (or the scammers) who were involved in Opair and Ebitz just collected enough money in those two times, and decided to make a (hopefully) decent project this time around. but it doesn’t change the fact they’re scammers.

The amount invested in all three projects is unconfirmed. in the first project the scammer might have used his own money to make the project look popular and with many investors, used the money from the first project in the second one, and used all the money to fake the volume in the Ethbits ICO. That is why I try to collect information from investors of the first two projects to make up an estimated amount of confirmed investments, but the insanely low amount of people responding and the large amount of money allegedly collected makes me think that the amounts were manipulated. Nobody even talks about the Opair or projects despite them scamming millons of dollars worth of bitcoin.

I had much more evidence about the connection between Ethbits and Ebitz and Opair but I was busy at the time and didn’t save the links. but here you can find a few links about Ebitz and Opair:

A thread where I try to find investors of both scams to calculate the amount scammed and take legal action against the scammer (with literally zero amount of success, because no one provides details):

Ebitz’s unmoderated thread (by me):

Opair’s unmoderated thread (by me):

The Keccak is wide awake!

I’ve decided to awake the Keccak. I’m not much of a productive guy so writing a little blog about something I already spend too much time on won’t make matters worse. Hopefully.

That thing is cryptocurrency. I’m into it much before it was popular and everyone loved it. Since bitcoin was only a few dollars and we used it fun. I’m 17 now, was around 12.5 back then. Not wise enough to save up some cheap bitcoins and make my future self ridiculously wealthy. I’m afraid to look at my old wallet because I know just how much bitcoins I had. Too bad I spent them on random things online. Anyways, only a few people were wise enough to convert large amounts of fiat into bitcoin when it was young.

Today the field is a little different, instead of buying AMD cards to mine this magic money with, you use.. other crypto, mostly. ICO’s have taken over the cryptocurrency space and they thriving along the old giant, Bitcoin, which suffers from political debates and scaling issues for years.

Those ICOs attempt to make newer, seemingly better and more advanced versions of the future money or other blockchain-powered apps. I don’t think they’re bad, but most people buy into those sales for quick profit and nothing else, doesn’t really matter what the developer’s concept actually is.

This “ICO rush” results in many projects without real purpose, without an actual use, unrelated to the blockchain, or straight-up scams. And scams in the crypto world are much more common than it seems, indirect scams, atleast, Although actual scams exist as well, such as the Ebitz project. Everyone who knows the situation in the cryptocurrency market conducts an ICO with literally any idea they’ve come up with and it will likely yield tens of thousands of dollars or more in a quick token sale on a poorly-built and unsecure web-based ICO platform, with a nice, premade HTML template, of course.

I’m definitely not trying to say that all ICOs are bad. they are a positive thing that brings innovation and new developers into the cryptospace. that’s wonderful and everyone involved benefits from that, Ethereum is a great example.

But, look at’s altcoin announcement forum and you will realize exactly what I am writing about here within minutes of browsing. See for yourself if you’re not familiar with the forum, you will be suprised by the amount of nonsense projects that pop up there.


In the next articles of the Keccak I’ll try to cover ICOs and share my thoughts about them, and about other crypto-related things, as if someone cares about my opinion.