TrueFlip’s crowdsale is live, but why should I participate?

TrueFlip’s token sale has just started.


After being live for a few hours, the sale’s success is revealed. 2.5 million tokens have been sold to 380 participants. (UPDATE: 2.7 million tokens sold to 549 participants by now).¬†and those people have good reasons to invest in TrueFlip’s revolutionary lottery system. What are those reasons? let’s find out:

1) The platform is live. TrueFlip’s basic lottery platform is already developed. Other shady ICO’s ask the investors to invest in a product they don’t even know how to make yet. the case is different with TrueFlip, because the platform is already up and running, you can see for the platform for yourself and decide whether you like it or not. You don’t have to watch fancy graphics of a non-existent product and make your mind about the project by watching them. Experience the platform yourself, you’ll like it.

2) TrueFlip enters a huge market. The market for lotteries is huge. if TrueFlip manages to get just the people who are interested in the blockchain to switch from government-sponsored lotteries to TrueFlip’s lottery, they already have a large market segment. TrueFlip doesn’t even need to find mainstream people to join their platform at first, the crypto market is large enough to make it profitable until those people bring more people with them and the platform grows up.

3) TrueFlip is mainstream-ready. The right conditions exist in order to make TrueFlip a viable lottery choice for everyone. You don’t have to be a blockchain expert in order to browse to TrueFlip’s platform, load your account with money from your Visa or Mastercard credit card, and pick a lottery round to participate in. It’s actually simpler to join than real-world lotteries that require you to submit the ticket physically.

4) It’s fair. TrueFlip’s lottery system is fully decentralized and provably fair. That means that all the lottery draws are transparent and all the people who purchased a ticket can be viewed on a public blockchain. No tricks, no ridiculous profits for those who run the lottery. Everything can be verified and checked after the draw is complete. People already know that their local lotteries are money-making machines. TrueFlip can make them participate in the lottery again.

5) Investing in TrueFlip is profitable. 10-15 percent of every ticket sold on the TrueFlip platform will be distributed among tokens holders, 4 times a year. That means that just holding TFL tokens makes income. Additionally, TrueFlip tokens will go up in price because of demand, and because other people are interested in profiting from ticket sales. Not interested in holding your tokens anymore? just sell them at an exchange and make quick profit.

6) TrueFlip offers early-bird bonuses. Bonuses ranging from 30-5 percent are given to early investors in the platform. what that basically means is that other people’s entry price will be higher than you if they buy the tokens at a later date. That makes it unprofitable for those who bought in with 0% bonus to sell for their entry price, while you already made 30% profit by buying in with the largest bonus. Hurry up! the 20% bonus is still active at the time of writing this article.

7) Investors get to vote. TrueFlip’s investors can influence the development decisions by voting about the development of the platform. TrueFlip’s team will start developing what the investors are most interested in before other things. That allows the community to be involved in the evolution of the platform and its success.

Interested in investing? I hope I helped you make up your mind! visit TrueFlip’s ICO now to invest in the platform! Hurry up for the bonuses!

Still not convinced? watch a short video about TrueFlip’s platform:

3 thoughts on “TrueFlip’s crowdsale is live, but why should I participate?”

  1. I found this through cointelegraph about 2 weeks ago. I was immediately interested by the fact that the lottery was a great business idea. I then realized trueflip were introducing tokens through their ICO and became excited at the chance of owning tokens and receiving dividends and a percentage of ticket sales. I am glad to have found this new and exciting business venture.
    Good luck to all involved!

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